Race 1… and Race 2

13th Jan… The first ‘race’ of the season was a joy! Oh my Obelisk was a 13.2 mile trail run with a fair bit of up and down in it. I was 48th out of 170ish people… so in my usual top 25%ish performance. The plan was to take it steady and build some leg strength while, probably, running a bit faster than I normally would and getting a shiny medal. Tick.

Into the second race of the season. Braunton 10. Another race with a few challenging hills. 9th in AG and about a minute pb. 48th overall out of 200 something people. A good race but the combination of both weekends has left me feeling a bit out of sorts! I’m always slow out of the gates and hauling my 85k frame up hills is an effort. Once on the flat I can usually churn out the miles. Quite pleased with the result considering last weekend and that I tried to keep a constant HR between 150 and 160.

Time to concentrate on recovery and get some swimming in for my next outing at Taunton Aquathon.

Very happy with the consistency of the HR!

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