October thoughts…

The chain of events has either been too much or the intensity of the events has been a bit of a problem. It’s taken a bit to get my feet back under my body after the half mara. There’s a bit of illness at work too so I think that has hit my depleted immune system! So, I have had to dial back all my effort and balance work off. Not done nothing but all my strength and conditioning has virtually been stopped as well as running. Not too much of an issue at the moment and more important that I recover.

Now I’m starting to get ‘it’ back I need to balance and readjust my goals. The goal being Outlaw in July… so not a big rush!

October has turned into November! I’ve had a bit of a relax through half term to some extent.


The problem is this overwhelming tiredness! I can train but I’m building up such a deficit! Last week during a group ride I got dropped and we were only riding around 20mph. Partially my fault as I tried to get away with not eating anything for too long.

So… a bit fragmented going into this weekend! Been on it though this weekend! Nice training! Even went swimming!


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