The end of the season…

I think… I’m done! I think!

Today was the Barnstaple Half Marathon. Quite glad I wasn’t entered for the big one! I woke up with a lot of phlegma on my chest! After a bit of a lie in and a coffee / bagel I was feeling reasonable!

I decided to try and go off with the 1.30 pacer… and never made it! They were off like rockets! Looking at my splits I should have been up there but he obviously was saving up a bit of time for the end! I kept him in sight for the first half and then lost him towards mile 8/9.

Screenshot 2018-09-30 19.56.02

I was quite pleased overall. The first ‘parkrun’ was low 20’s. 20.13 and it went up from there – until I went pop at 22.04. Still the run was only 35 seconds off my pb. Not a bad effort for the amount of running I’m not doing at the moment (just come off a big bike month) 11 runs for 6.5 hrs inc today!

Screenshot 2018-09-30 19.56.19

Shame about mile 12 really but it wasn’t pretty out there!

So off to the training chamber for October, Nov, December. Next race I think is January – a half off Road. I wonder if I could ever put a 1.34 down after a 56 mile bike??




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