It was ok… wasn’t it… It is now!

I’ve written before that disappointment=expectation/reality. There was no was a 5 hour attempt was on for the 70.3. Not enough training, body condition was poor, too much forbidden fare consumed over too long a period and life generally was dominated by a self-inflicted cloud over work (literally over work). Wouldn’t have thought that was possible but a legacy is difficult to extricate! The 5.40 time was fair for the effort put in but something inside has snapped. Give up or determinedly set forth to put it right? The latter obviously!

The first step was a plan… then some investment. I toyed with the idea of a new bike but decided to play with the settings on my aero road bike. I bought an ebay wetsuit… a helix. New trainers, new trisuit… stuff like that. The plan was to make me track my training better and be better planned. So, I have bought a years subscription to summit on strava. I’ve been quite interested but need my HR monitor. I am also on week 3 of a strength and conditioning plan and healthier eating regime. It was easy on holiday. Buffet salads, oily fish and creativity. Going to be a bit trickier in real life but I have warned the family I am going to be a boring healthy eater! That said, I think a fun Friday night is ok!

So the first few weeks have been good. A holiday in Gran Canaria for 10 days has really helped. The running was hot but it helped me get over the nightmare rin on the 70.3. The bike really blew my legs and the half marathon was one of my slowest efforts. Once the time to try had passed it was hard keeping the pace going at all. My pace zones for my running over the winter put tempo around 7mins. Think thats around 1.33 half marathon. I’d be very pleased with that.

The bike needs some work. Ive bought a new height adjuster for the aerobars. Aim to make the machine more comfortable. And of course ride it more. The Zwift app is great for that and joining a local biking club… hopefully will get me out more.

Impact… measured in pictures and times. I have never done much in the way of measuring my progress but it’s time to start. More to follow!

So more planning and more discipline. Yes family and work but I must look after myself! Discipline in food and time to exercise as well as time to work, family train and rest.

After the above post I resettled and concentrated on beginning my training. I’ve now done quite a few cycles of strength and conditioning as well as concentrating on my bike.

Bournemouth International Tri was the event I swapped my ‘A’ race to! It was really a bail out of the 70.3 – but for a end of year boost it was probably the right thing to do.

The swim at Bournemouth was hard. The sea was lumpy, I haven’t done much swimming and the markers were RED and the flags were black AND my goggles are rubbish! Anyway… my hopes for a 2.15 went down with the swim – 29 mins – which is slow! I did the 70.3 swim this year in 32! However, it was the same sea for everyone. The bike was a joy. I got on and averaged around 23mph on the way out. Sadly, there was a strong headwind on the way back and that dropped to 20.8mph. The changes to the aerobars were very positive. I was comfy and felt quite powerful. The only chink in a good ride was my shoes! Getting them on was a mare and then I took them off too early and ended up riding up a hill before a u turn to come down to transition. The run was a flat 10k. The first mile was a bit quick at 6.56 – getting progressively slower to 7.40 at the end! There was a headwind as well! 2.26 was the end result. 5th in my age group and 23rd overall. Not too shabby. Shame about the weather as it could have been a 2.15

This month I now have a Aquathon 600m/5k and a Half Marathon. I’ve also entered a race at your pace 300mile bike challenge. Day 10 (100 miles) and I’m 6 miles behind!


Oh yes… I’ve entered the Outlaw!

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