One week to go…

Time is nearly up! My dream of a sub 5hr half lies in tatters – or it will be I’m sure! My time has been spent – not much on training! On the plus side.. I can be confident that my run should be good (if I don’t kill my legs on the bike!).

So, the plan??? [crying laughing]

The swim will be steady! It will need to be! [crying laughing more]

Screenshot 2018-07-29 16.48.31

The rest of the training…

Screenshot 2018-07-29 16.43.31

So, last years race went like this…

Screenshot 2018-07-29 16.52.00

Last years swim was surprisingly good! I’m not expecting that this year. The bike will be what it is! Have a few miles in the bank but nothing dependable! The run should be ok! been running down dementia rather than riding my bike!

So, I have a lot of excuses! Work, work and no training! The weekend will tell the tail. Needless to say… I have dropped this race from my “A’ status to ‘B’!! It’s time for fun!! It’s fun to run!!

August 113 – 5th Cotswold Classic

September 8/9th Bournmouth Olympic Tri

September 30th – Barnstaple Half Marathon

October ?

November ?

December ?

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