Not long to go!

It would be nice to know how the training is going! Not altogether sure at the moment. It’s about this time of year that I get some really dodgy hay fever thing. Feel rubbish with lead legs. Have to get through it, usually by falling asleep as soon as I get back from work!

To celebrate this feeling of rubbishness I have signed up for Hope 24. A 24 hour trail run! Why not eh! Think I’m having a break from Tri next year and doing a load more running!

Enough of that though. It’s a year away!

Today Jo did her10k and put the world to shame. Well my world anyway. She normally gets around Parkrun in 36 mins and did the 10k in 1.14!! Brilliant effort! To my shame I’ve struggled to get near my PB at Parkrun. I did a 20.53 or something this week! It was in the middle of a 9 mile run but still looking to get low 20s.
After the heat we’ve been having it was nice to grab a lolly after the 5k on Saturday!

Bit hot for Parkrun! Icy treats!

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So… no point in hard training now. The work is done and just tuning to do. Race ready for 5th August!


Time for therapy! #soon

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