May Day!

After the purchase of a Zwift trainer I have seen some pleasing results on the bike. When I have ventured out onto the tarmac I have seen some good PBs or solid rides for a moderate effort. The running is ticking along. Nothing to write home about but all in my stride with no real injuries to speak of! No fast 5k as Jo is training for a 10k and I get to push the buggy when she runs! Because of that I’ve not had a chance to do a timed 5k at any effort. I think I will this weekend ahead of the smuggler. Hopefully somewhere in the 20’s. Legs are pretty tight at the moment with the biking and the foam roller is out a lot!

All in all not too shabby an outlook for the next tri… apart from… SWIMMING! 7 swims this YEAR! A horrid 10×100’s today. 1.40’s but what can you expect?!?! Going to have to get in the sea and do some efforts! Still… hopefully the bike and the run will help out the swim!

Screenshot 2018-05-31 17.16.52

The 80 mile Smuggler Sportive (no bling) went ok. I tagged along with some guys who rode at a fair pace… I found it quite hard to keep pace on the hills (never been great on hills). The whole thing took around 5.5hrs of moving time with a fair few stops along the way. A beautiful ride!

I’ve not hardly done any training after the bike ride! A 16hour training week followed by a 12 day work run (the weekend on a residential) and long meeting days absolutely finished me off!

Hopefully back to a bit of training this weekend…

Jan: Race at your pace – 100 miles in a month challenge done

10 Feb: Dartmoor Challenge 14 miles done

March: Deep River Trail Run 14 miles done

April: Hartland Hartbreaker 18 miles done

May: Exe Valley Sprint Tri done

June: The Smuggler Sportive 80 miler – Done

July: TBD – don’t think there’s a free weekend!! A parkrun PB?

Aug: Cotswold Classic Middle Distance Tri – under 5hrs!?!? Will be lucky!!


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