Exe Valley Triathlon…

Having a sprint Tri so soon after the Hartbreaker was never going to be a Pb weekend for me. I don’t do back to back very well. Last year I got round in 1.12.13 for 8th in cat and 27th overall.

It’s always quite interesting looking at year on year performances. This one felt much better but was nearly 2 mins slower. 2017 times first…

6.09.8 swim this year was 6.47 (including a run to the timing mats).

43.52 bike was 43.48 this year for a lot less effort!

21.15 Run was 21.50… really put some effort into the run! Legs were sooo heavy after the run last weekend!

Compounded by some absolutely comical transitions. It’s really worth the time to practice looking for your bike! I lost my bike in T1 and couldn’t find my trainers in T2! Comical. All this after forgetting my race belt and using an elastic lace instead! A pretty good hack!

So… positives, the swim was ok. Considering haven’t been swimming! The bike was good. Liked my position and feel on the bike. Felt good!

Negatives… no race belt and poor transitions!

Pretty happy then. No surprises today. Don’t train for sprints and therefore can’t sprint! More of the same for the next few months getting longer for the 70.3.


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