I’m Hartbroken… Race report!

This ‘race’ is really a personal battle of resilience! Not being a mountain goat I use it to train my mind into not stopping. I usually find that having done something ridiculous I am more able to keep going on the run of a 70.3 which just isn’t as hard! This year’s effort was compounded by quite a nasty cold type cough and sore throat which resulted in voice loss a few days ago… so this was never going to be a ‘fast race’.

There couldn’t have really been any greater difference in the conditions between last year and this year. It was throwing it down last year and this year it was roasting!!

I went super sensibly at the start. The plan was to catch up the slower time laster in the race (looking at stats from last year!)! I took High 5 drink and gels. With my hydration vest having two pockets the plan was to drink one side and then refill with water and a hydration tab when I hit the aid station. I have to say the fuelling felt great until the 3/4 of the way through. At about 2hrs 15 mins I had a gel – BOOM!

The course profile…

After 15 mins ~ the boom ~ stomach cramps and bad feelings! I kept going and did a bit of run walking! I felt good most of the time and the drink based nutrition was effective. I felt really strong right up until the end few miles. This was probably due to the cramps, not getting enough calories and possibly a little dehydrated (but not too bad!).

The last couple of miles were tough. I didn’t really fuel and my stomach was cramping with even High 5 Zero. I think I need to look at how or what I’m taking later on in the runs. It will be important for the tri I do in August. The concerns over my calf tweak were unfounded. No pain. Down to the taping or the recovery I don’t know but by legs were fine! RESULT.

To round up… I got exactly what I went for. A fab run, some great chats, a mind bending end to the day! I kept going and I’m pleased that I got there near to last years time (last years it was run or freeze!). This will really help me settle in to the run in August and flat 13 miles will be nothing beside this 18.4 miles mountain goat run!

For now… Hot tub and a drink!

The next challenge is feeling good for Exe Valley Tri NEXT weekend! Don’t know what the race organisers were thinking putting these so close together! Was a bit of a shock when I realised my first proper tri of the year follows the Hartbreaker! #rookieerror

The splits are in ‘Parkrun’ blocks of 3 miles!

Last Year…

Screenshot 2018-05-06 08.15.57.png

This Year

Screenshot 2018-05-06 19.45.46.png


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