Off to have my Hartbroken…

Not quite gone to plan this week. The rest part was awesome and well needed.

Monday – REST (late meeting) Stretching and massage (myself!)

Tuesday – Bike 35-45 min

Tuesdays bike was fun on Zwift. Tried a bit hard and felt my right calf tweak. Now the best think to happen before a 18 mile trail run on Sunday.

Wednesday – Run – easy

Was cancelled – see above! How good of me to be sensible and not “try it out”. Pretty pleased with that!

Thursday – Bike 35 – 45 min

Was done relatively incident free and the tweak was not felt. Had a play with my pedal positions to I think a bike change and different shoes will be ok now.

Friday – run club

I love school Run Club. Some great runners. We did a warm up, beep test, endurance run, timed 200m another endurance run and a cooldown.


Saturday – easy run and bike

This was lovely, if a bit slow. Ran with the buggy and Jo at Parkrunand did a comfy little bike before everyone got up.

so the volume wasn’t there today but with the weather forecast and the running up and down Hartland I think that will be made up for today. The biggest irritation has been a cold. Sneeze and then loss of voice followed by headaches. It’s not gone south of the neck though so all good for the mental battle with the coast paths in a minute! The fog has rolled in after the lovely weather yesterday but that will hopefully roll through and burn off! Right off to find the suntan lotion… Hartbreaker ahead…

Sunday – Hartland Heartbreaker.

to follow!


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