This week… long run gingerbread man and Zwift…

Training has gone quite well this week. Quite enjoyed it. I really like the Zwift rides and the running is easier with no major injuries! Moving the rest day was quite beneficial this week and meant I got in a lovely hilly trail run on Wednesday. Even Garmin has given me a badge!

Screenshot 2018-04-29 16.38.41

The food regime has been working as well. The liquid Iron seems to be working well. Noticeable how less tired and how I seem to be recovering quicker than normal. The Whey could be contributing to that as well. Not loosing weight but am toning up.

Screenshot 2018-04-29 16.29.11.png

Was 6.40 in the end!

Not very sure about power! Only works on Zwift. The rides are hard and make you dig in! Hopefully the power will start to increase as I get fitter. I have just built up my old frame using bits lying around. An 8 speed turbo monster on a PX frame. Quite nice.

Screenshot 2018-04-29 16.26.03.png

Jo has signed up for a 10k run in July… well 2nd July so hopefully we will get a few family runs in!

So, The Hartland Heartbreaker next weekend. A race of mental toughness!! 3.40.19 last year! So a rough 18 miles! Splits from last year…Screenshot 2018-04-29 16.47.57.png

Screenshot 2018-04-29 16.53.17.png

Trail run at Haldon

Screenshot 2018-04-29 16.51.07.png

A rather dangerous gel – freebie – which caused an emergency stop at the train station! 13.5 miles longer run. Parkrun fit well in the middle with a 21.55 at 8.5 miles in.

A bit of a taper week for running – also have a triathlon the week after that!!

Monday – REST (late meeting) Stretching and massage (myself!)

Tuesday – Bike 35-45 min

Wednesday – Run – easy

Thursday – Bike 35 – 45 min

Friday – run club

Saturday – easy run and bike

Sunday – Hartland Heartbreaker.



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