Joining the world of Zwift…

This week’s training was taken up with my launch into interactive bike training. I got a great deal on a smart turbo and managed to collect it after work on Monday. Spent Monday night setting it up and having a quick ride around London. So, because of this my plan went a bit off track!

Mon – Bike 35 mins – 5 efforts
This was my first Zwift ride! No intervals just a blast! Max av power 168W.

Tues – Run – 8x1km efforts
Cancelled in favour of another bike! A Lap of London.Max av power 205W.

Wed – REST

Thurs – Bike 50 mins 7 efforts.
A trip around a lap in Watopia! 192 Max av Power. Then a run into town to help with junior parkrun planning.

Friday – run
A short run to tennis to watch L play.

Saturday – 12k run
A mega mix of a run. Started off with a lap by myself (3m) then came back and collected the family and pushed the buggy to the park (2m) then parkrun 21.50(ish) and then jogged home after a breakfast picnic.

Sunday – 70k bike
This wasn’t to be. Did 1 hour ride at Watopia and then stopped. Max av 183. Pried to keep a constant speed to see where I was for group rides! Nice ride but not there for another hour yet!

2h40 ride and 3h 12 run. Not a bad effort really as I have been feeling very tired. Usually after a hard effort (club tri last Sunday) I would be quite worn down and ill. this time with taking iron and protein I have just been tired. I have been taking the iron in the morning but I think I will move that to lunch as this might help with the pm tiredness. The protein (whey) with milk and black cherries has been good for breakfast.

I have worked out that the plan I was going to follow doesn’t really fit into the time I have so I doubled the weeks and that was ok. So, this week we are looking for a progression on the bike and a lead into the running for Parkrun next week.

The rough plan…

Monday: 45 min bike – Zwift. Maintain 180 W.
Tuesday: 30 min run. 10 mins easy. 3 x 1km intervals. Easy run.
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 45 min bike – Zwift. Maintain 180 w.
Friday: Brick?
Saturday: 12 km run inc Parkrun
Sunday: 1h 15 min bike – Strava




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