How goes it?

Jan: Race at your pace – 100 miles in a month challenge. DONE

10 Feb: Dartmoor Challenge Half! DONE

Race at your pace 200 mile bike challenge DONE

March: Deep River Trail Half – Fingle Woods DONE

April: Hartland Hartbreaker 18 miles;

Club Tri – DONE – 5th Overall.

May: Exe Valley Sprint Tri

June: TBD

July: TBD

Aug: Cotswold Classic Middle Distance Tri – under 5hrs!

Sept: Bournmouth International Olympic

Things are perhaps looking up. I decided to get some Iron Supplement as I was constantly tired. I started taking them 10th April. So far they are really doing the trick. Mind you I am not at work at the moment! I’ve also kicked the alcohol into touch! That will help!

Screenshot 2018-04-15 17.38.24.png

I sat down to plan my training for the 70.3 and found that I am closer in weeks than I thought. My biking is seriously going to let me down so I have ordered a Zwift compatible turbo and am going to get training!

I had a good run the other week at Parkrun Worsley Woods. That was welcome – under 21 mins for a change. I’ve no speed!! Problem is with speed comes injury! So, strength work and stretching needs to work its way in somewhere!

Next week’s ‘plan’:

Mon – Bike 35 mins – 5 efforts

Tues – Run – 8x1km efforts

Wed – REST

Thurs – Bike 50 mins 7 efforts

Friday – run

Saturday – 12k run

Sunday – 70k bike





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