The Deep River Trail Half Marathon…

Plans are great things. Having spent the week walking children around Bristol and continually walking to the 5th floor of my accommodation – obviously the best time to do a trail race is the following Saturday! It was a great race – for those fit enough to enjoy it!

Just to make it more of a challenge, as if 14 miles of hills wasn’t enough, I decided to see how far I could go without food! Turns out about 1 1/2 hours before a great big performance dip. Did the race on one gel. Can 70th and trotted in! It would be hard to say if the silly hills wrecked my legs too much or the energy deficit was to blame but I had half a gel and felt better then I think the hills and lack of climbing training kicked in!

Jan went badly with the 100 mile challenge and my calf/ankle injury. Feb was OK with the 200 bike challenge. March has been a bit of a non event so far! Time to go longer on the bike and get some speed in the running legs! The leg injury was strapped yesterday and is OK today! Can’t be bad!

So… Two trail runs down and the Hartbreaker to go! I am taking poles for that one!

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