Jan and Feb…

Can’t have completed all of my ‘challenges’ for these months! But… I have!

This weekend saw the Dartmoor Trail Half Marathon ‘happen’. I say happen as I am a turn up and get the medal person at the moment! After the ankle explosion in January the running was slow and painful. This has meant no speed… or less than normal!

The Half was at the same time as some real athletes tackled a marathon and an ultra marathon. The finish time on the ultra was quite quick! I struggled through from start to finish and got the medal!

Screenshot 2018-02-11 20.37.52

The whole course was brilliantly signposted and marked out. Not even the slightest issue!

The 200 miles in Feb is going ok too! Should be quite easy to do. This week is half term so hopefully will get the most done this week and then finish up after.

Once I can walk I might think about running again! Just need this ankle to give up being sore!!

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