Braunton 10…

It’s been painful! After last weekend my leg has been very sore and running has been a no go. The #janrunchallenge was looking very unlikely. Got some more K tape and had a jog on Friday night. Sore! Disapointment!

Rested Saturday. Massage and stretching. Had a go at more strapping. Was promising and I felt ok! Leg strapped up on Sunday morning I went to the run. Not a race! Think my pb for the Braunton 10 is around 1.15 – Nowhere near today. It was a real challenge to get started. Quite a bit of stretch ache and I didn’t want to pop my ankle – so I took it really steady. Lots of people overtaking! I kept it steady on the flat aiming around 7mph and the hills I power walked up. There are a lot of hills! I gingerly ran downhill. Everyone passed on the flat caught up with me on the hills and decents. Kept happy and chatty though so all good. Kept reigning it in in the rain!

The first medal of the new year in the bag. Hopefully the bath and stretching will help me get running quickly. I’ve got 31 more miles to go for the 100. Here’s hoping!


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