100 miles to go… 

You know when you get nice messages from people you’re doing something right… That is how I choose to end 2017! Looking back 2017 was an ok year! It must have been, my family pictures are lovely! I suppose it’s hard to remember the good stuff in the most all the negativity – laughingly, that is why I started this blog in the first place… So I suppose it’s good to get back to your roots…

sat in the bath looking at the damage done at parkrun today… The 100 mile challenge is more metaphorical than running. Quite a lot my family see the 100 miles as quite unattainable even in a month!! I see a challenge! My challenge,  as always,  is to set out my world in a way that I can manage it. There are things that I love,  which I must build on, and there are things which cause stress, which I must relegate to the end of the line! My problem is, and has always been, that the things which cause ‘stress’ are still very important to me – because they are the things which I may not control but I have the influence to help people’s lives – doing nothing would not make their lives better it would make their lives worse and therefore the children’s lives we serve would be worse, I cannot let that happen. So, to find an acceptable way forward!

Today I got up and got out of the house. Parkrun is a fantastic community resource which I try and support with my presence! I have not volunteered as much in the past years I should have done, but, I hope to change that! It was a pitiful time today but marked the (fingers crossed) end of a period of illness and fatigue! A comfy run trying to stay as low a HR as my ego would allow! Shuffling around with Gary in front was a hard ego challenge but I passed and he beat me! A gentle ride to and from the park on the single speed and we are off… C. 97 miles to go! 


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