It’s coming…

…the new year!

So, it’s past Christmas! I managed to get to today before going to the Doctors. I got really really run down at the end of term. Like most jobs, you hang on and hang on desperately getting closer and closer to a holiday… and then BANG! Ill. To be fair it’s the culmination of a very difficult year. My resilience has suffered and there is a change needed! I need to take much better care of myself as it is obvious no one else is going to do it! Jo has been great and supportive partner over the last two months BUT change has to come from within, and… as I constantly tell the children… if you don’t change something the outcome will not change! It is quite difficult to know when to go to the doctors! With the don’t take antibiotics agenda – you don’t want to ask! I finally got an opportunity to get to the doc today! The result… antibiotics! At least I didn’t waste their time.

The agenda has to be my health and that has to be the priority! If I am not well then I cannot make sure everyone around me is ok! So, PMA… let’s go… a few resolution type statements…

  1. Quiet technology time… the emails go off at night time. I will concentrate on my work not replying to others.
  2. More descrete time planning at work and home. ‘Essential’ tasks down to ‘forget about them’ tasks. I mean… at one point we were down to two lightbulbs in the kitchen! Nearly chopping our fingers off cooking as we hadn’t been to get more and the FinL hadn’t been down for a while!!
  3. Make people aware of the priority of their requests on my time. Stop giving others who have not planned effectively priority over my time. People need to understand that we all have deadlines to hit!
  4. Make sure I drink plenty of water and go to the loo when I need it!!
  5. Exercise every day.
  6. Keep the world in perspective! Who makes the difference!
  7. Celebrate the wins! I loved Sir Clive Woodward’s speach about analyse the big wins and go to the put in the face of a disaster!

The immediate question… how am I going to manage a lower respiritory track infection and get started on the Race at your Pace 100 mile challenge for January…


The tablets are for 7 days. The distance requires 3.something miles per day! A delay could be costly with work starting back on the 3rd January! So, the tablets should be done by the 2nd in the eve. BUT… make sure I am well!

Dry in Jan? I think so! The start of Jan sees the no alcohol campaign. I think the combination of exercise, diet and not drinking will help the schedule move forward…

The races? Who knows what the plan should be?!?! Not me! I do feel though that I may have an emphysis on running this year! I fancy a bash at a longer distance and maybe a few marathons! One or two triathlons just because! So, on the lookout for a few nice trail runs to fill in the months below.

Jan: Race at your pace – 100 miles in a month challenge.

10 Feb: Dartmoor Challenge marathon or ultra??


March: TBD

April: Hartland Hartbreaker 18 miles

May: Exe Valley Sprint Tri

June: Tsunami Coastal Trail Marathon or Hope 24?

July: TBD

Aug: Cotswold Classic Middle Distance Tri – under 5hrs!




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