December is the back to work month…

The motivation clearly isn’t working. The wellbeing at work clearly isn’t working and the situation is worsening. What to do… Well I suppose you just have to look after yourself! The added complexity of managing a healthy lifestyle outside of an impossible job and a family with young children is indeed challenging. But… clearly… no one is queueing up to ensure I’m ok… down to me then.

So… December it is. With a Half Iron penned in for August we have plenty of time to get fit.

Yesterday I gave it some effort to get to tennis to see Lucas before he finished at 6. There was the motivation of missing a lift home if I failed! That was interesting. I made it. positive!

Today was Parkrun. I was in class all day on Friday so have a lot of work to catch up on. Some couldn’t wait so was up at 5am. I was still late for Parkrun but it seems our Race Director is currently starting the race briefing at 9am – so I made it. I still started from the back and came 46th I think. Not a fast time but I wasn’t running fast – despite being off the pic to the right!

Screenshot 2017-12-02 17.38.19.png

Time for a plan then?? Don’t be silly! Can’t be that bad! 

We did the Christmas Kaper on Sunday. Reasonable effort to swim the 600 under 10 mins with no training. The run was sore after a slow transition! 7th overall as big H was messing about! 2nd out of the water (Inc transition) again, as H was messing about. 

Now… About that plan! 


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