It’s better! 

After 6 weeks my leg is healed! To be fair it was healed after 3 or 4 but I’ve had a mini break!

I’ve done a couple of runs in the last couple of weeks. All very easy and things haven’t been too bad! Parkrun was a bit damp yesterday but it was fun. 22.39 was ok for the effort. Now to build!

There’s been a new sport involved in my mini break! Golf! As triathletes we need a compulsion! The mind games and mental rehursal in golf is so deep! A real challenge of technique and composure!

Anyway… More things to share my time!

This week… so 7 weeks now, this getting back to it is really a challenge, and I’ve managed to get to Worsley Woods Parkrun. 45/320 in 22 minutes something. Not too bad for a steady jog. The 3 miles before were nice and flowy but the end of the 5k was a little uncomfortable. My HR strap keeps poor records, either that or my 46% heart rate is really good for the end of an unfit 5k! Technology!

Golf and a long drive today! (Sad golf joke).


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