A bit of a change…

So my calf finally went bang during Parkrun on Saturday. One less finisher on their 13th birthday. Not sure I’ve every dnf’ed a Parkrun before! To be fair I haven’t been looking after myself very well. Tired, stressy, and dehydrated seems to sum me up at the moment. If anyone actually seriously imposed mental health supervisions on the teaching profession we’d have to close! So, my few runs at present have finally caught up with the hamstring tightening CX race being the final nail in the ‘haven’t been stretching’ coffin!

So, a sensible shuffle back to the house injured finished off my run… which was going ok. I’ve had a fairly quiet year bling wise really. Only 3 medals hang on the corner of the mirror in the front room. Heartbreaker, Cotswold Classic and Tivvy Tri. The shuffle still had some consequences as I’m sore! Should have walked home or got Jo de taxi!

So what for now! I’ve been thinking about mindfulness! I’ve been buying some golf clubs! So… I’m going to play a bit of golf! Snigger! A long walk spoilt? I never got on badly with golf and should have kept my clubs from years ago. I’ve enjoyed chasing some deals around and have collected some nice clubs for very cheap! A few lessons and we might even get off the range!

Got to keep the legs turning as well so will be spinning and swimming to keep the burners going in a few weeks time!

Fore! Watch your heads chaps!


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