It’s been a while…

After the ‘A race’ things get a bit quiet!

I’ve firmed up my thinking in terms of training – just now got to be good enough to get my work done and get out training.


It will be quite interesting. Of course I’ve entered the same race. Cotswold Classic with 113 events. This year was perfect conditions… can’t be the same twice!! It’s in August… the rainy season!

The time to chill is here! The need to chill is here! Think I will train through! I’ve not done enough training to justify any down time. So… the baseline has started. The aim? To nail the steady times to get me over the line in 4:59 or faster!

Swimming: Power and strength is the name of the game with stroke technique. 10x100m off 2 mins with paddles and pull bouy is the order of the day. Some stuff each side but this will be the staple for now.

Bike: Hopefully a bit of riding! Power on hills and technique on the drops / tri bars to get the average speed to 21-23mph on the day.

Run: A steady run with Parkrun on the end to push the legs. Also, a few bricks to get used to the load. Lack of bike training in the past has severely hampered the run potential!

AND ALL THE ABOVE WAS A WEEK AGO! So, what’s happened this week?

Not much! But I am doing a CX race tomorrow and my boy is racing his MTB under 8s cat. That will either make or break him! Bit… ‘whatever it takes’ eh!

Kinda thinking of restarting my golf career as well! That might be fun in a quiet concentrating sort of way!


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