One week to go…

The countdown continues! The Cotswold Classic looms!

Had some decent runs this week! The ones without the buggy! Jo did her 10th Parkrun #turningpro! Parkrun today, pushing the buggy, was around the 4.20 somethings for the 5k! There might be the possibility of hitting a 5.15/km on the run! Really depends on bike discipline!


Tomorrow will see if I can get the bike rolling for a final short effort in race position! Need to ensure the seat doesn’t tilt like it did on the Bude tri! I need to have a look at the Race Pack and start getting the camping gear sorted! My mum is down so might not have time to do that during the week! A special pleading may allow me to have a Saturday PM camping without having to do everything!

There are strange thoughts afoot about what to do next year! I might even be thinking about doing a 140.6 at the Classic venue. The more sensible thing would be to go back and take on the course for a PB (is giving up a pb at this stage of the season ok??). There are two races – so I might do two 70.3 races! Depends where they fall! Or a big bike event… or an ultra run… or… YUP – really not sure what to do! Just know that my well-being in general is linked quite strongly to stupid events [probably because of the time I have to take away from work!] Still working on Jo for the next running event for her. I think a 10k event!

So, onwards towards film night! Think #boywonder is watching Matilda!



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