Inside taper distance…

The Cotswold Classic is in sight! And I’m (not) ready!

Funny how things work out for me… seems like the things I’d like to prioritise don’t get anywhere near being a priority! So…

Disappointment = expectations / reality!

Screenshot 2017-07-28 13.40.43.png

Last year 2016 I did a very bad race at Outlaw Half and came in just over the 5 1/2 hours. This year’s training hasn’t been much different so aiming at the same time would be sensible. This year the run should be a strength so I need to make sure I get off the bike with some legs!

The week up to Saturday has ended up with me being fairly tired! Just the #cmsstri to get round tomorrow and then I can have a sleep! Think the weather is going to be pants too… so will be a fairly light effort!

The guided swim, bike and run around the #cmsstri route was a nice leg stretch but worryingly I have tight legs and a big niggle in my calf! Just in time for the taper! Nice. At least there won’t be any massive hills to hike up in the next few days! Time for a rest now I think! Screenshot 2017-07-30 18.59.26.png

A pretty decent time training this week! If only I could get that down each week I might be a half decent athlete!


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