How’s it going?… How’s WHAT going?


It’s been fairly quiet on the training front. Running has definitely seen the biggest commitment! As I was telling someone how much time it takes training to adapt into fitness I realised that I will be at the Cotswold 70.3 in 7 weeks time! That’s that then! Might get by the swim and the run but going to have to be very careful on the bike… BOOM! BONK! ETC ETC! Parkrun was ok and I’ve been quite consistent with my times lately. Saturday I did 21:3X at a quite comfy half marathon pace on a mid-distance training run. At least the running feels good!

Jo did the Race for Life on Sunday. She did really well. I’m hoping that she keeps up the good work as I’ve really been enjoying the family runs!


Sunday… will do the #cmsstri Combe Martin Self Supported Triathlon. There’s maybe a couple of people coming. It’s a tough two hours of exercise. Very good training for the 70.3 coming up.


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