Bude and stuff…

It’s been a few weeks!I think we are round about week 25!
Last Sunday was Bude Tri. I entered this event when Tri the Beast was cancelled. It’s one of my fav triathlons and I haven’t done it for years! The start was to be 1pm so a lovely easy start and family day at the beach! Right!
On the way there Em threw up twice. Windy roads. We had to stop and get her some new clothes. Then to the beach. There’s always a lot of sorting out to do so I did that before sorting out my race! By the time I was done there was minimal racking left. I squeezed into a space! With everything set up I went to say ‘later’ to the family – who were just going to stay on the beach. I forgot I’d said I’d take lucas to the water so we did that… Then I went to the briefing. While on my way down to the beach I remembered that I hadn’t put on my chip. Key with the family. Back down to the beach, get key, back to car, back to beach! A nice relaxed start!
We were wave 3 – vets. The start was nice. A few swimmers going in various directions but nothing to worry about.
Screenshot 2017-06-24 at 4.40.42 PM
The suit came off at the waters edge and I ran to T1. Bike and helmet gathered – off we go. New bike was sprightly. Felt good. I got to the first footdown point… slip! Foot skidded off the pedal and I slammed down on my saddle nose. Crack! The nose dived!! Saddle was now at a rather special angle! I could just about balance on the top without slipping off… so the race continued.

Screenshot 2017-06-24 at 4.42.26 PM

The course was a bit lumpy so I rode the hills easy but still pulled back a few TT bikes. Off for the run. A very hot day and I missed grabbing a water at the start… should have gone over the head! The run was punishing in the heat. Still I caught a few and pushed to the end. 1.09.44 in 6th in category and 33rd overall. I think it was a PB for this one too.


This weekend I have decided that I have to get my head around a half iron distance… so I ran a half. Starting off with me then collecting Em and the buggy for the remaining 6.5k of the 21 point whatever. Fairly relaxed running and came in around 1.57… that was finishing off with a slow 1.5k with Jo… who rocked a new pb at Barnstaple!

How’s the training going…

Screenshot 2017-06-24 at 4.54.02 PM

… got to love questions like that. Hopefully get out for some tomorrow! Can’t be bad though… getting a PB at a tri after a 1.5hr run the day before and with this amount of training!



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