The week after the race…

is always a bit of a problem! More so this time as they didn’t register my chip! I suggested to them I finished in 1:12:40 ish and they couldn’t find my Devon flagged suit with a big number 34 on the top! After a few days I dropped to 1:12:13 and took 27th/297. Not bad for not training much! The DOMS seem to take a different slant with me and extreme fatigue hits around day 3. Still we are over it now (we!) and I had a nice run today.

So, the grand total of 2hrs and 49 mins of training (minus weights and pressups etc).

I think a Parkrun buggy pb (I think) for me in 21.24. It was wet and horrid! Jo hated it. Emmie got soaked! But running in the rain is really quite enjoyable and I got a coffee after – before running home.

Sunday was a MTB ride day. A nice blast on the full bounce for fun! Dropping into the deep dark woods!



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