Race lead up… And the race!

A typical lead up to my first race of the season. Been pretty grotty ill all week! Typically managed to go to work but sleep straight after all night up to 10 hours! Feeling better and will race but can’t imagine it will go well!

Had a bit of a jog last night for a few Km. Got soaked! Gotta…

So, it went not too badly, apart from not appearing on the race results! The lack of training made me take it really easy and that seemed to pay off ‘mentally’. Didn’t push the swim at all and did the 400m in about 6 mins. The bike I kept the gears busy and made sure I didn’t load up the legs. Lots of spinny RPM! Its was windy and rainy… some say it hail stoned! My arms did sting a bit! The run… I did put some effort in here! The starting km was 4.11 and the final one 3.51… might have been something to do with up and down hill though! lol. Finished in 1.12 something – around there anyway as I’ve no official time yet (hopefully yet). Which strangely is my 2nd best time for that route I think! The question is… what might I be capable of if I actually did some training?!?! 12 and a bit mins off the win 😉 lol

So, back to feeling grotty. I think that the next race I will have to put some decent training in or fall foul of the Beast! Balance that against all of the things which conspire to stop me from training… and… we will have to see!

exe valley run


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