Round up… Lost Track!

Who knows what week we are up to!

There’s not been an awful lot of training going on… which means… do a ridiculous event! I signed up for the Hartland Heartbreaker and duly finished it in 3hrs and 40mins. 1027m of climbing! Lots of mud, rain, river crossings, rope climbs, cliff edges, meat, olives, cheese, beer, tequila, prosecco… a cool medal and a nice t shirt.

Saturday was Parkrun day. A nice jog for a high 22. I was going to go for a bike and I’m quite glad I didn’t.

Screenshot 2017-04-30 18.07.50.png

You can see below how dedicated I am to the distance training! 16k was my longest run for a while and that was in January! Certainly nothing with anywhere near the elevation today! So, I’m quite pleased with myself for just finishing! I tried to time my laps to be 5k (watch was miles) so the thing was a series of Parkruns! Quite slow Parkruns! It is nice to end up with ‘only one Parkrun to go’ at the end! The stand-out moments— choosing a Scotch egg at one of the feed stations! Then at another having an olive (too much sugary gels), actually a handful of olives! After stuffing them in I realised they had their stones still in! Ooops! Running the trails… The ‘on the edge’ section was lovely. Most of it, to be fair, was lovely. I did a good job at looking at the scenes!

Screenshot 2017-04-30 18.12.20.png

So, all was lovely until around 5 miles from the end. I wasn’t going to be fast but I was enjoying things. Then the mud and hills started making my tired legs a bit crampy. So… the counting started! Lots of counting to 10.

We now have a team for Tri the Beast! Andy, Gary and ME! Which is quite cool! With the running going ok I just need to catch up the biking and the swimming!

Tomorrow, mountain biking… zzzzzzzz!


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