Week 15… as it turns out!

Parkrun was no record breaker on Saturday! We arrived late and started at the very back. On the plus side I started way behind the 249 runners and finished in 109th position with what is my slowest run in history of doing this event – lol. I suppose it does mean that boy wonder and I safely negotiated 140 overtakes in 5k. Not bad going! Lungs are still full of gunk and it doesn’t want to stay in there when I shuffle. It was funny pushing the buggy and the bike up one of the sharp inclines!

The whole week has been restful (read ill!). Managed a bit of a run on Friday with Jo and then Parkrun. Apart from that nada! Sunday may bring the Huff and Puff back for a day?!? Whatever that resembles now!

Hopefully getting a bit better now. Running has been slow… after listening to Jo Pavey on Marathon Talk I decided to jog well within my Cardio Vascular capability to not stress my system! Think it’s working!

Two runs on Sunday pushed my time up to 4h 17 mins – exclusively running. The Huff and Puff was a nice run. Again, it was hard with my diminished lung capacity! However, I jogged it through! Good miles and some big elevation for 11k. Then a easy run with Jo in the afternoon. She went over 5k! She was not happy though. 48 minutes and she did a bit of walking too! Very proud! [She could quite easily get to 38-9 minutes I reckon!).

For the next phase we need to concentrate on some climbing and try and get the bike leg sorted! This may be rather a challenge with the new children pick up arrangements. So, biking home from work and on the turbo. Early morning spin or jogs. Run up the Hangman and longer runs around Parkrun. Swimming will be high tide after work. That’s only once every two weeks. Should be able to match that with a run as well. With the light nights it may all come together!

I think the big wins are going to be in the change of attitude! Food, alcohol and training even when tired!

So, back to work on Tuesday. Good luck everyone.


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