Shall we call it Week 14?

I might get around to seeing which week I’m up to soon! Not that it really matters. 

Had a few leg stretches this week. A really nice run at Worsley Woods Parkrun. It’s a quick dash out, a bit of xc and then a quick dash back. Its where my 5k PB lives at 19.35 (I think). I went for a jog with Jo first and then waited around the start. There were a lot of people in front (it turned out) which must have cost 20 seconds. Then after the woods I felt quite good and decided to put a bit of effort in for the finish. Prob could’ve gone harder earlier. So, a 20.15 might’ve been a 19.55. Still, I have to go back to September 2015 for a faster 5k so things are looking on track for a good run soon. 


  1. Bike efforts… 
  2. hilly 4 hour rides. 
  3. Loose some weight. 
  4. Strength training. 
  5. Maintain Swim. 

No swimming this week though. Club tri today and I’m not there. Quiet jog with Lucas on his bike! There are some nice trials around here despite being nearest city.

I went to Evans Cycles yesterday. Very disappointing trip. It would appear I am thousands and thousands of pounds away from new bike at that shop. Even Lucas can walk away with a 24 inch wheel bike at those prices.

Lovely run this morning! Bike paced by L and his cousin L! 

About 4hrs and 50 this week. Mostly running. 


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