Still somewhere around Week 13…

It’s been a lovely week… one thing has been lacking though… bike miles! It’s time to get some 4 hour rides in! No idea when that’s going to happen! 

Anyway, the positives… running is coming along. Had some nice runs around the vans. Dodging the fag smokers. Disgusting lot. Overweight and coughing their lungs up while wrapped up against the morning chill outside their non smoking temporary tin homes. A few provided obstacles staggering up the hills on the way to the bars… wheezing for breath. A sad sight indeed. Not usually one to pop at others but there are so many of them here! I hope my fitness example, lol, makes them change their ways! 

Yesterday was a little of training silliness. We went to a beach at the bottom of a cliff! There was a railway back up… but I ran it! The family were still at the bottom when I got to the top so I went back down and did it again! 

It was a slow 1.5km run… but cheaper than the rail option. 

Long may the sun shine! It makes so much difference. And it helps with the coffee…

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