Week 9

Horrible weather! 

Had a bit of a rest on Monday after a pretty horrible meeting. Sometimes you just can’t pick yourself up and accepting that can lead to a better next few days. Tuesday saw an intervals attempt with my son. He had to keep up on the fast and slow – on his bike- which he nearly managed. Only a short spin on Wednesday and then nothing else until the weekend. Saturday, Parkrun day. Feeling fairly trot again so decided on a firm push but nothing too heavy. Got around in 21.42 which wasn’t bad for the effort level. Then a good few miles on the bike. Rode to work and then home after getting rid of some admin. Sunday – swim day. I had a talking to from the swim coach. Don’t go too quick and go bang. The main set was 400s which I did in 6.30, 6.21 and 6.13 so exactly what I was asked to do! 

The coming week will be interesting as I’m fairly tired. Hope I get a good nights sleep tonight and then a rest on Monday night. Run Tuesday, ride or spin Wednesday, Thursday and Friday probably rest days. We will see.

The hills were quite hard this week. Hopefully they’ll get easier if I get the chance to put the work in. That’s the beauty of working where I do. Very hilly!


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