Weekly round up – week 8…


This week ends with the harsh realisation that I’ve signed up for another challenging (read stupid) tri. Tri the Beast. One of the hardest middle distance triathlons! Quite a bit of elevation to account for in my training! At least it’s not until September. It’s lucky that I work at the gateway to some fairly serious climbing! We should be ok!




So, this week! Easy spin Monday to recover from the weekend. Then intervals – which went a bit better than last week. A bit of a spin Friday morning and then into the weekend. The graph above shows the explosion that occurred during Parkrun! My lungs partially filled with yuk couldn’t cash the cheque that my head wrote in the first couple of k. Boom. Still, finished with a strong run. Swimming Sunday was very hard. Too much effort and stroke to pot. It’s not good to do one swim a fortnight. So, 4.17. Not great but some good top end work. I need to think about some longer bikes!


You can always tell when I’m not up for the pain! And nice to know I can rely on the snapper to get a good one of me in action…


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