Weekly round up… wk 7

6h 12min training week.

Started the week with an interval run which failed to hit my targets! 3.45 to 4 min/km. A hard effort after Parkrun at the weekend. Might be better to move the intervals to a Wednesday for a run with less tired legs.

Haldon Forest was a nice workout. Mostly quite steady riding with some efforts up some hills. Like the MTB and riding on slicks was fun. Next time I might be bothered to put the knobblies back on as turning into corners was sketchy to say the least!

Parkrun was Saturday and I did put a bit of effort in! Felt heavy and chesty at the start and true to form went pop on the last lap around 4km. a 20.42 wasn’t far off the usual but I was hoping for closer to 20. Still spitting yuk up whilst running showed not firing on all cylinders.

Then there have been the run/walks (note the change from walk run) with Jo. She’s going well. Same speed for the run sections but getting longer. 2×10 min intervals the other day.

Sunday is a miss for swimming. Getting mam to the train station. A short 40min spin and then run / walk with Jo. A 20 min run for her today which was done well apart from the 1 min walk in the middle! Boo!

So, back to work tomorrow. Have a plan and it might work out…

Mon: Spin 1hr easyish; Tues: Intervals run, weights; Wed: Ride home; Thursday: Spin pyramid efforts; Friday: Weights; Sat: Parkrun, Jo run; Sunday: Swim, Jo run


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