Weekly round up…

Somewhere around week 6. A Tri is in week 14!

Pretty rubbish in terms of training with 3hrs and 31 mins done. Pretty full on work week starting off with a 14hr day on the Monday. Does drain the reserves somewhat!

Had a Parkrun sandwiched in a 8 mile run.3 miles before PR and knocked out a 21.59 for the next 5k. Not too dischuffed with that.

Swimming was hard. Just not getting to the pool. As a result I decided not to do Taunton Aqua. This week was funny. getting used to the POP mid set! One swim every now and again is not nearly enough!

Hopefully, half term, will give a chance to get something decent in! Mum’s down in the back half. Maybe some mountain biking and a fair bit of running?!?! Just figured out how to send workouts to my Garmin from the computer. First one I’m trying is a 5 min warm up with 5×2 min efforts with 2 min recovery. See how that goes!

Here’s hoping.


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