Weekly round up…

So, the end of a not so hot training week. Work was far too full on and I wasn’t in a training mood. Lots of painfull pressups and situps!

Saturday I did a short but testy bike overgearing and hilly. The wide tyres on the CX bike really don’t do much for the speed but the effort shoots up! Parkrun was a gentle 21.04 not too bad considering the effort!

Sunday I swam again! Third time this century. I exploded early again! Need to get out more than once a week but sadly no time for that. Then jogging with Jo… see pic below. She’s on the couch to 5k and we are the support! Jogging pushing a buggy and pulling along a scooter is quite funny! Loving the effort Jo is putting in!

Saturday’s Parkrun…

Hopefully a better week at work coming up! Need to get some spinning in and get back on the strength training! A harder run at PR next week would be good. Now that B10 is out of my legs.

Battle on!


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