Back to work… resolute

Work / life / exercise balance! What will that be? How can we all have what we want? Hard question to answer – everyone is different!

Morning – up and 20 mins biking or running. Family in bed – work not started. 5 min warmup… 10 min effort… 5 min cooldown.

Work – two breaks in a day for a drink and a snack – WATER

After school – CHILDREN… no work – just quality time.

45 mins to 1 hour exercise

No more than 1.5 hrs working.

Sleep 10.40pm to 5.40am is 7hrs sleep.

What will that give me then…

52.5 hrs working (+ weekend time) with 5 hours driving. 6hrs 40 plus weekend exercise.

10hrs with the children a week 5.30pm to bedtime at 7.30pm.

Will see how that works!


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