Bye 16… hello 17…

2016 – Not sure this is right! Prob confused with my Garmin wrist thingy!




So, I have finished a fairly rubbish year! All the above in KM!

The start of 2017 saw the completion of the local Parkrun Triple! Starting at home and ride to Bideford Parkrun. Run and then bike to the Barnstaple Parkrun. Then home. A 2hr and 36min effort. That on top of NYE and that was a great effort! 22.43 and then 22.58 for the two runs. Not record breaking but after yesterdays Parkrun and then MTB 1hr and 40 for 17 miles of mucky fun! The one thing that this weekend has reminded me is that I seem to feel a bit better using Hi5 4:1 formula. So… keep using it!

Anyhow… I finished off the morning by making this…


Not the picture of health but very tasty! Inc blackpudding! Yum!


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