A recap of August…

triathlon (1)

The endless summer holidays for teachers! The time to recover, kick back and stave off the fatigue induced nervous breakdown. OR… time to have enough energy to train effectively (cue laughing)!

So… with the body breakdown all extreme exercising is out of the window! I have been doing a strength regime every day. Press-ups and sit ups. Guns and six pack! Just a few cm of body fat to shift and then they will be visible! August was not the month of godly living. It was more the month of excess.

Training times… 6:29, 8.43, 3.49, 3.16 and 5.55 – hrs.mins. Mainly time on the bike. One (park)run a week and not very much swimming! Well – none really.

The 5k times runs have gone ok really – considering I’m only doing the one run a week. 22:03, 22:12, 20:37, 20:42 and 20:57.

I have decided not to race any long distance or middle distance triathlons this year. Might save a few quid. The pilgrimage to Nottingham to do the Outlaw 1/2 is off the table! So, what to do?!?! Who knows! Maybe nothing. Maybe just bike stuff. Maybe a few sprints.

The thing is I need to train my base back up. Get stronger and recover from training more sensibly. So, I’m not going to do the XC Duathlon I was planning. I might do a couple of CX races just to see what they are like. Next summer season though?? No idea.

What I do know is I’m really enjoying my Peanut Butter Banana milkshakes! They are top!

What I do know is I have to balance the family, work and exercise. That is the most interesting thing. And… I want to develop the garden for the coming summer!


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