How’s it going?



There’s been a few ups and downs since my last post. My liking of decaffe coffee has continued. It’s ok to drink and it doesn’t mask tiredness. It’s obviously not the same as no buzz – time will tell whether I can get through a working week on decaffe! I hope so.

I have decided not to compete in any more tri events this year and I have sold my TT bike. This has cleared my credit card and allowed me to start my 26″ steel project bike. I quite like tinkering! Will post a pick or two sometime I’m sure.

So, what of training… or at least fitness?? It seems like a modest bike ride (2hrs) has quite an effect. Took me two days to get over that one. Perhaps 30 miles trying to hang onto the rear wheel of a TT bike was too much – you think!! I went swimming yesterday. That was tiring. Only did 1k and felt like it was 30k! It’s amazing what you can get out of condition with!! Doing daily situps and pressups but if I was serious about a 6 pack I’d probably give up the few alcoholic drinks!

So, monitoring my HR. Still a few ET but settling. None during swimming the other day. It seems though that one form of stress in my life is quite easily replaced by another and I need to learn to chill out! What does it matter in the end!


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