Sinking to new depths…

This week has been a ‘mare. Not a lot that one can take as a positive really apart from I’m still alive.

Last Saturday I got overly concerned with the amount of ectopic heart beats I was getting so went down to the A&E. 

Had a full MOT there. Then got signed out. The note said “Triggers – Occupational stress and caffeine”! Had ECG, Xray, bloods… None of which showed anything remarkable. Apart from thes blasted ectopics. The preceding month or two have been rubbish. Too much work, some annoying underlying virus and a busy family have led to fatigue. That combined with everything else… Pop!

There’s not even a lot to blame on exercise as I’ve not really been doing any!
So, positives…

Had a week off work and caught up with two tv shows that have been recorded for 6 months. 

It’s summer holidays in 3 more work days time. 

I’m not doing any more long distance events if I can’t train properly for them – not that I’m feeling like testing the pump out at the moment. 

Got to watch a bit more Of the tour. Now that has been eventful!


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