Post Outlaw…

The weekend has come and gone! A few simple truths! 

Performances since 2013

Not a great picture of improvement! Shows in the amount of training I’ve done though! 

Since November 2015… Swim… 8hrs 8 mins 16km (0.76 km per week) Bike… 86 hrs 26 mins 1567km (74 k per week)Run… 31hrs 42 mins 325km (15.47km per week)

The race report…

The weekend was a bit of a rush. The Tri has swapped weekends over the half term. Which was really good for relaxing after. A lovely camp and chill out after instead of a rush back to work.

The morning started ok with the loo at 3am- always good to beat the queue. Then breakfast at 4.40am. Possibly a bit late but just porridge and honey. Then out to the start to rack up, see a few people and get organised. 

The swim was different to normal as the blue green algae has arrived and we had to swim in a different loop. My worst swim time in 4 years. Didn’t feel too bad. Just kept it nice and steady so my arms didn’t fall off! Sadly, no training makes steady slow! 

T1 was a bit of a longer run due to the course change. Nothing too drastic apart from not getting my leg high enough mounting and knocking off my seat bottle.

The bike was ok for about 30 miles. The longest (bar one) ride I had donee “training”. Then the modest push started to hurt. I could feel the cramp building in the front of my legs. I dropped about 0.3 from my average speed to around 19.6mph. Then into T2.

Out onto the run…. Cramp…. Ran through it but couldn’t push at all. It turned into a bit of a shuffle to avoid cramp and get through the distance. No fun just trudge! Picked up Lucas to head down the finish Shute. 

Still not downloaded my data. Think I need to reevaluate my life and what I’m doing with Tri. Shorter distances needed one thinks. 


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