Life and the lack of it!

Positivity… This one will be a challenge! 

Having a bit of a life dilemma. Can you guess. Not at all about time and choices… Just how you judge yourself and allow others to affect you. Not doing great on this front. The really down side is that I’ve done very little training. That’s possibly a good thing. Perhaps the body needs a rest. What I’m certain of are my core values and I think it may be time for a change! If others can’t live to my values then frankly I want no part of them! Harsh? I think not. Not when others quality of life is the consequence. So, to remove myself… Is that abandoning the vast majority who agree or saving myself from the negative spiral of attempting to champion those who still do not speak up!! 

Look after my own is the gut feeling!!

I hope that’s the right choice!!

You are not what you work at!!


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