So here we go…

The journey into winter has begun! A definite cold snap this weekend, accompanied by wind and cold rain! Yuk!

There’s a plan for the winter. Gone are the quick runs and bike efforts. No more racing until the soggy bottom MTB races kick in! Jan is the first one! You know what that means… BASE!

Parkrun is now at least a 6 mile effort at 75-80%MHR on a Saturday.

6.02 miles today at 76% of max in 51.59 [1hr] + bike [30 mins]

Sunday – Swimming training + a longer bike [2hrs]

Monday – Ride home [1hr]

Tuesday – Spin [30 mins]

Wednesday – Run [30 mins]

Thursday – Morning swim [30 mins]

Friday – Bike to Strength and Conditioning [1hr bike, 1 hr S+C]

That’s 8 hrs training all at 75-80%

Hopefully I will see the Parkruns getting quicker but at the same AHR.


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