Thrashed by Webber!

So, my race was a bit of an effort. Being not well has not entirely made me sprightly! Still, I had a good ride.

The first run was a very long slog uphill. The same route as the mountain bike. Then the bike – 4 x 5k laps. Off the bike into a 3k Stinger run.

Lap 3 towards the end was where i started falling to bits! Not nice. I backed if off and relaxed. Lap 4 a bit slower but more fun. The last run was nasty. A lot of cramp! Even Gary beat me on the run!!!


11 25 6 02:18:40 Gary Webber, North Devon Tri 00:27:42 00:22:49 00:21:54 00:22:48 00:26:00 00:17:27
12 168 6 02:27:02 Damian Railston, North Devon Tri 00:26:48 00:23:09 00:24:47 00:25:31 00:27:25 00:19:22

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