Made it to half term…

That’s quite a positive! I’m shattered! Hardly any training done but surviving work at the moment. 

Now a week of sleeping?? Hardly! Not with a 11 month old! 

So, I’m going to try and start base building. Only one hard run a week at Parkrun. The time will come from somewhere! The target… Sub 5 at Outlaw Half. 

There has to be a good amount of time on the bike with at least 3 hour rides to build. None of this 40 min sessions. There has to be some good 10 milers on the runs and I suppose I should swim. The strength and conditioning will help I’m sure. Was already in a short amount of time! 

So… My quite negative time at work has to change. The point of this blog was to make that switch. Getting back on it!! 

Ready, steady, go!! 


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