How’s it going… need you ask?!?

Been a while since my last post. As normal I have been struggling with feeling good! The end of the marathon and then slipping into feeling ok took a while! I think there are bugs going around as well as a heap of stress at work. The emotions stress and impending doom scenarios really do take their toll! I have been running quite well at Parkrun though. It’s the recovery and down time that is the problem. Over the past week I have been crashing out around 8.30pm much to the disgust of my wife! My body obviously needs it but I feel quite rubbish before sleeping. I feel ok during the day though. Consequently I have not been training mid-week. Today’s Parkrun (below) was quite strong. I didn’t put the HR monitor on! Shame, as it would have been interesting. I just tried to stay strong at a good pace (for me).

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 14.27.07

Anyway, good running and ok bike riding – a midweek ride home from work set 3 PR segments on my SS bike! I felt bad afterwards but felt very strong on the bike!

Tomorrow – I’m off out on my MTB – Hopefully! Been cooking energy bars to take. That will be very interesting!

I’m not unsure that stopping taking the Arbonne stuff hasn’t got something to do with my feelings!! Saying that – i need to dig out my bladder for the bike bag or I won’t have anything to drink tomorrow!


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