Feeling… YUK!


The replacement for my now dead Giant Anthem! Had a bit of a ride today and it’s good. Just need (as always) some legs to make it go. Training has been going fairly poorly since the marathon a few weeks ago. That’s to be expected. Typically I have had lots of work to do. Recovery, coupled to emotional stress, doesn’t do me much good at all. Putting weight on too. That needs to stop now and I need to get ready for the Stinger!

Training weeks are quite difficult to plan. But here goes…

Monday – Ride home from work

Tuesday – Jog

Wednesday – Rest (late night or ride home?)

Thursday – Jog

Friday – Strength and conditioning plus ride there and back.

Saturday – Parkrun plus 5K – Lucas swim?

Sunday – Mountain biking in the Quantocks or on Exmoor

The longer ride on Exmoor will be interesting to fuel with Arbonne. I have finished the hydration sachets. They might be quite good for hangover cure but not sure the cost benefit is there.

I have had a few runs and rides with the energy drink. Still concerned how it changes colour when added to water! We will see. I’m not sure that I can fuel a whole ride on just drink!


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