My marathon…

Well, I guess you can blag a marathon! The only real explanation for Sunday is that my base is quite good!

 I aimed for 8.45 to 9min miles for some reason! Having done no long runs there was no real reason any choice! It was really a case of suck it and see! The whole race went quite smoothly. Most of my mile splits were on the money lead to a time of three hours and 57 minutes. Even splitting all the way through! It was only a 24 miles when my legs felt done in my pace suffered. I wish I could say it was down to great nutrition or something but I think it was just okay base and determination! I did have some of the hydration sachets a day before and one morning but I forgot to take my energy drink! I had five Isogels from hi5. Mouthfuls of water every stop and a couple of cups of zero. So nothing special! I think even pace running at the start paid dividends. It is really funny though because I have only done 13 hours of running since 1 August and then pulled off a sub four marathon!


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